Our philosophy to Hotel Management is simple…..treat every hospitality investment as if it were our own. Our roots are grounded in hotel ownership and this maxim has served us and our business partners for well for over 25 years. As a hospitality management company we have all of the resources necessary to maximize the value of a hotel investment…….sound revenue management practices, operational expertise, human resources, financial and accounting resources, and sales and marketing support. The difference is our ability to utilize these resources to meet the Owner's needs in a cost effective and entrepreneurial manner.
With Associated Hotels it is not about managing to a manual or an organization chart. It is about understanding the product, the market, and Ownership's needs and developing and implementing the appropriate strategy against those parameters. We ask questions like “What is the Return on Investment behind hiring that additional sales person?”…..”What are the implications to the Owner of entering into this long term lease?”…..”How can we better match the Owner's resources with the needs of the property to maximize revenue?” Our Team Members are trained to think creatively and encouraged to evaluate every situation as if it were their hotel and their money that's at stake. It is this entrepreneurial approach to the business that guides our decision making and it has proven successful time and time again.
I encourage you to explore our company and decide if Associated Hotels is the right fit for your investment. Thank you for your interest. 

Welcome and thank you for considering Associated Hotels.
Sunday October 20, 2019