With an aggressive and streamlined approach, Associated operates sixteen (16) first-class hotels ranging in size from 72 rooms to 430 rooms.  These hotels total over 1,600 rooms, generate over $50 million in annual revenue, and employ approximately 800 associates.  Our operating model focuses on the fact that our associates drive revenue, customer service, and fiscal responsibility.  When this is done effectively…the profits take care of themselves.

Active involvement in the day to day property decisions guides us in maximizing revenue, managing expenses and increasing profitability.  Major contracts are analyzed, competitive bidding is done regularly, all invoices are approved by two (2) Associated senior executives prior to payment, all new hires and terminations go through an approval process and sales and marketing initiatives require ROI analysis.  These are just a few of the differences that truly make Associated a different hotel management company.  In today's competitive hotel environment, this approach to the business has made us very effective and has yielded outstanding results

Saturday September 21, 2019