On April 30, 2015 Associated took over management of the Hooters Casino Hotel on behalf of a joint venture between affiliates of Trinity Hotel Investors, L.L.C. and JP Morgan Chase.  After extensive analysis and research, Associated embarked upon an action plan to increase Room Revenue and an Expense Efficiency plan that would both substantially lower expenses and provide a better guest experience. With minimal upfront capital spent, Associated was able to increase Room Revenue 9.1% for the Trailing twelve (12) months ending April 2016 over the preceding trailing twelve (12) months. This increase occurred by implementing specific, proven Associated revenue management strategies that were adapted for the Las Vegas market. More importantly, for that same trailing twelve (12) month period, Net Operating Income increased from $2,207,000 to $5,104,000, an increase of $2,897,000 (131%). Respectful reductions in labor, elimination of unproductive advertising and promotions, adjusting hours of food and beverage outlets, and revisions of internal and external complimentary policies, are just some of the areas that Associated focused on to dramatically improve profitability

In September of 2013, Associated invested in and took over management of the Holiday Inn Express Kannapolis, NC on behalf of BPM Inc., a boutique investment firm based in Connecticut. By applying proven revenue management and e commerce initiatives, operational efficiencies, and knowledge of how to best take advantage of the IHG system and enterprise values the hotel's performance increased dramatically from a revenue and profitability standpoint. After a modest renovation that was completed early in 2015 the hotel's performance continued to improve. By way of example, room revenue for 2012, the year prior to acquisition, was $1,591,000 compared to 2016 room revenue of $2,446,000 an increase of $855,000 or 54% over the four (4) year period. Even more impressive, the Net Operating Income for 2016 of $912,000 is almost double the Net Operating Income from 2012 of $493,000 representing an increase of $419,000

July 2011, Associated took over management of the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express in Urbana, Illinois on behalf of Garrison Investments, a New York based institutional investment firm. After implementing a focused and dedicated sales and revenue management strategy the cash flow of $300,000 for the TTM ending July, 2011 has increased to $1,100,000 for the TTM ending July, 2013. This improved performance is also reflected in a 22% increase in RGI index for the Holiday Inn.

In March, 2010 Associated Hotels, LLC was engaged by investors to take over management of the Crowne Plaza Englewood, New Jersey. The 194 room hotel is minutes from NYC. AHLLC was faced with a less than receptive transition team. In addition, the hotel was without a General Manager or Director of Sales. Staff morale was low. There was a high level of deferred maintenance, and labor/expenses were somewhat uncontrolled. With the selection of the right General Manager and through effective revenue management procedures, channel management, and sales reorganization, in only two (2) years we were able to improve the Revpar index at the Crowne Plaza Englewood by 15.9%. GOP was increased 48.8% during the same period.
In July 2008, Associated was engaged by the owners of Grace Hotels, LLC to manage and assist in the completion of the Holiday Inn Express Waukegan. After being opened for six (6) months and in the face of a heavily dominated Marriott competitive set, including a brand new Springhill Suites, the hotel achieved over 100% Revpar index. The aggressive pre-opening sales and marketing efforts and revenue management strategies that Associated employs have been very effective in the fast ramp up of this hotel.
After owning and managing the 430 room Holiday Inn and Suites at Minneapolis Airport since 1981, Associated sold the hotel to an institutional investor in June 2007 who retained Associated to manage. After embarking upon a major renovation which was completed in August 2008, the hotel has once again moved above the 100% occupancy penetration level. This admirable performance is occurring despite a difficult economy and a competitive set which includes a full service Hilton, Marriott, and Embassy Suites.
In June 2006, Associated was retained by Woodfield Hotels, LLC to manage the Holiday Inn in Rolling Meadows. The hotel was in default with Holiday Inn for poor guest service scores and was struggling for a operating solution for a spread out, older 423 room hotel. Associated worked with the ownership to renovate the hotel and in an effort to increase value, customer penetration, and relevance, convert an outlying guest room tower into a Holiday Inn Express. The hotel is currently out of default, has been Relaunched by Holiday Inn, and is regaining market share. The Holiday Inn Express is a leading hotel in the Chicago region for Overall Guest Satisfaction and is approaching 100% Revpar Index.
In October of 1994, an affiliate of Associated Hotels, LLC purchased the Camelot Hotel in downtown Little Rock. The hotel had been a poor performer, was in need of major renovation, and was a blight on the community. Associated recognized the turnaround opportunity from a management, renovation, and sales and marketing standpoint and put together an aggressive plan to reposition the hotel as the premier hotel in downtown Little Rock. Just prior to the completion of the renovation Associated implemented an aggressive public relations and sales campaign to ensure a fast ramp up of the hotel. Within nine (9) months of completion, the hotel had achieved a Revpar Index of 109%. The hotel continued to outperform the competitive set until the hotel was sold in June of 2007. Associated was retained to manage the hotel on behalf of the new ownership group, and after a major renovation and public relations and sales effort it continues to perform at above market levels.
In June, 1992, an affiliate purchased the 300 room Sheraton in Naperville, IL from a lender. Recognizing the opportunity for enhanced management, renovation, and brand change, the hotel was quickly repositioned as a Holiday Inn and immediately became the premier hotel in the western suburbs of Chicago. In February, 2001, the hotel was expanded by 130 rooms and 10,000 square feet of meeting space to allow it to compete for larger group business. After many years of operational and financial success, the hotel was sold for a substantial profit in 2007.

"Perform at above market levels....The leading hotel....Admirable performance....Sold for a substantial profit"
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