About Associated Hotels
Associated Hotels, LLC Hotel Management is an organization with its roots based in hotel ownership. This Chicago based hotel management company  was formed in 2006 as the successor company to Seymour N. Logan Associates, a long standing private hotel management and real estate company. Managing hotel assets on behalf of individual investors provided the principals of Associated Hotels with entrepreneurial attitude that inspires vision, innovation and creativity and at the same time demands fiscal discipline and measures results.  It is this operational philosophy that Associated believes is the formula for a successful hotel investment and Associated Hotels, LLC has the track record and relationships that prove it.
The Pieces of Profitability
Associated possesses all the capabilities expected from a first-class hospitality company – an experienced staff, comprehensive operations, up-to-date information systems, effective marketing, food and beverage services and aggressive renovation and construction skills.  The difference, however, is Associated Hotels' outstanding ability to recognize where, when, and how these “tools” can be used to yield the greatest short and long-term benefits.
Associated Hotels, LLC places a high value on cooperation and communication.  Our hotel level managers communicate with senior management on a daily basis.  Together, we review results, implement new strategies, and manage day-to-day operations.  In addition, we are active members of several franchise and trade associations to keep us up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry and the market.
With an aggressive and streamlined approach, Associated operates ten (10) first-class hotels ranging in size from 74 rooms to 430 rooms.  These hotels total over 2,042 rooms, generate over $65 million in annual revenue, and employ approximately 1,000 associates.  Our operating model focuses on the fact that our associates drive revenue, customer service, and fiscal responsibility.  When this is done effectively…the profits take care of themselves.Active involvement in the day to day property decisions guides us in maximizing revenue, managing expenses and increasing profitability.  Major contracts are analyzed, competitive bidding is done regularly, all invoices are approved by two (2) Associated senior executives prior to payment, all new hires and terminations go through an approval process and sales and marketing initiatives require ROI analysis.  These are just a few of the differences that truly make Associated a different hotel management company.  In today's competitive hotel environment, this approach to the business has made us very effective and has yielded outstanding results.
Associated is adept at evaluating each hotel's position within its market and understanding its strengths and weaknesses.  This leads to the development of an appropriate operations and marketing plan for the property.  In addition, the experience of our principals in owning and managing franchised hotels has familiarized us with every major hospitality chain.  This familiarity allows Associated to position the property in its proper market segment with the appropriate franchise partner.Associated takes a highly personal and creative approach to marketing.  With senior management at the home office we combine management's vision with local expertise for effective public relations and promotions.  In addition, we use an intensive lead referral system to maximize revenue. Monthly action plans with measured results are an integral part of the Associated Sales and Marketing process. 
Revenue Management
In today's highly competitive and changing hotel environment, Associated places a major emphasis on Revenue Management. Website searchability, Third Party Intermediaries, Opaque Channels, brand loyalty programs, social marketing and competitor analysis are just a handful of the areas Associated focuses on daily with its Revenue Management team. This daily focus has led to effective yield management and above market performance. 
Financial Management
An accounting staff, proficient in varied areas of financial management, provides immediate access to current information for on-target decisions and maximum control.  Each hotel transmits data back to the corporate office. Here, cash management, preparation of daily reports, payroll, taxes, monthly financial analysis, general ledger, budgets, and cash flow forecasts are all compiled with conscientious dedication to the bottom line.  We perform internal audits on each property on an ongoing basis.Plus, Associated's accounting capabilities are structured to provide each property with on-site assistance – almost immediately.  Consolidated purchasing for both property and casualty insurance and employee benefits generates substantial discounts as well as enhanced coverage for all of the properties under management.  In addition, active involvement of Associated in the review of real and personal property tax assessments has generated substantial reductions in taxation, while holding third party fees to a minimum.

"Our associates drive revenue, customer service, and fiscal responsibility"
Saturday September 21, 2019